Carbon Steel & Specialty Coated Wire Cloth

Carbon Steel & Specialty Coated Wire Cloth

Dorstener Wire Tech offers the following carbon steel and specialty coated wire cloth products to fit your application.

Low Carbon Steel Wire Cloth

Low Carbon steel (C1008) is frequently used in the manufacture of industrial woven and welded mesh products due to its low cost and ease of workability. This material has a low resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and corrosion. This material is available in bright and black annealed. Our bright annealed material is much cleaner than standard commodity black steel.

Galvanized Carbon Steel Wire Cloth

Galvanized or Zinc coated steel offer superior corrosion resistance compared to standard carbon steel without the expense of stainless steel. GAW (Galvanized After Welded/ Woven) and GBW (Galvanized Before Welded/Woven) are common terms in the Industry. There are various methods of galvanizing. Two of the most common are electro galvanized wire (prior to weaving / welding) and hot dipped galvanized mesh (post weaving / welding).

Copper Flashed / Copper Coated Carbon Steel Wire Cloth

Copper Flashed steel provides some protection from corrosion and is also used to provide a stable wire for post processing such as nickel or chrome plating.

High Carbon Steel Wire Cloth

High Carbon steel is primarily used when resistance to abrasion and impact is required. This material is commonly used in sizing of aggregate materials.

Painted and Epoxy Coated Steel Wire Cloth

We also offer custom applications of specialty paints and epoxy coatings. Epoxy coatings normally add stability to light wire diameter mesh products such as filter support and window screen.

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