Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

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DWT manufactures a wide range of woven wire cloth, welded wire mesh and filtration products for almost every industry. In addition to our filtration products we also manufacture a line of stitching and stapling wire products for the graphic arts Industry.

Our clients require products for applications from aerospace and medical to construction and safety mesh. Dorstener’s quality assurance processes are designed to ensure that the specifications for each product and application are met, and our clients are delivered the product they require.

Dorstener is ISO 9001 certified, and all our manufacturing processes meet the highest quality standards. All products can be manufactured in accordance with the DIN, ASTM and ISO standards required by our clients. In addition, DWT’s woven wire cloth and welded wire mesh products can be ordered to meet DFAR and other military standards. Our stitching and stapling wire are CPSIA compliant.

As part of its ongoing quality efforts, Dorstener provides the following services for clients:


DWT is committed to providing our clients with wire products that meet their requirements and are cost effective, allowing for problem-free production runs when producing the end product. Our staff works closely with each client to ensure that the products we supply meet or exceed expectations.

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